Terms & Conditions

1. PRICE AND PAYMENT The client is obliged to pay 50% of the total amount immediately, based on the received price quote. The balance payment is due to be paid 6 (six) weeks prior to the date of arrival. Payments are made in cash, by bank transfer or credit card. The client is also obliged to submit a crew list, copy of a skipper’s licence and VHF licence to the supplier, 4-6 (four-six) weeks before the date of arrival.

2. SECURITY DEPOSIT The Charterer agrees to pay a security deposit of € 1.500,00/€ 3.500,00 before starting the charter. The deposit can be paid in cash or by credit card (Visa/Master) upon arrival and will be refunded after deduction of losses and damages at the end of the charter, if any.

3. CANCELLATION BY THE CHARTERER If the cancellation of this contract is requested by the Charterer, cancellation charges are payable as follows: – more than 12 weeks before departure date : 25 % of the total charter sum – between 12 and 6 weeks “ : 50 % of the total charter sum – within 6 weeks “ : 100 % of the total charter sum

4. CANCELLATION BY THE COMPANY The Company will take reasonable steps to provide contracted facilities, but if circumstances arise and an acceptable alternative cannot be provided, the Company may find it necessary to cancel the charter and/or the optional extras before departure. In this case, the Company will return in full all monies paid by the Charterer. The Company will then be under no further obligation or liability.

5. LIABILITY The yacht is fully insured including third party cover to the value of €1.000.000,- The Company is not responsible for loss or injury to the charterers arising from the use of the yacht or its equipment, or damage to property. The Charterers must take out holiday insurance in a form approved by the Company.

6. HANDING OVER THE YACHT The Company agrees to have the above mentioned yacht ready at the agreed port at the agreed time with the complete equipment ready to sail. The Company will supply full diesel tanks and water tanks. The yacht will be delivered clean and the Charterer agrees to hand it back in the same condition. If the Charterer wants to have the yacht cleaned by the Company, the Company will charge a cleaning fee of € 130-175,00

7. DELAY IN HANDING OVER THE YACHT If a booked yacht is not available for reasons beyond the Company’s control, the Company reserves the right to substitute with another yacht and if this is not possible, then to provide good shore based accommodation until such yacht becomes available.

8. CHARTERERS DELAY If the Charterer does not return the boat within the time limit at the place agreed upon, regardless of reason, a delay fee shall be paid to the Company. The delay fee consists of a day rate plus any loss the Company may have suffered by the delay, including costs for not being able to fulfil contracts with other charterers.

9. DAMAGES AND ACCIDENTS The Charterer shall immediately report any accident, breakdown or average damage to the Company or to the local representative. The Charterer shall not try to make any repairs without the Company’s permission. The Charterer is liable for any consequences of repairs not approved in advance.

10. PURPOSE OF USE The yacht can be used by the Charterer only for entertainment and holiday. He is not allowed to take other persons on board other than indicated in the crewlist. The yacht cannot be chartered to third persons or used for racing. The Charterer agrees to respect the customs laws and to respect the regulations pertaining to fishing, diving and the export of archeological objects. In case of illegal acts, this agreement is automatically cancelled and the Charterer is alone responsible.

11. SAILING AREA The yacht can ONLY be sailed in TURKISH WATERS from ANTALYA to IZMIR. Subject to mutual agreement before the charter starts, it is possible to visit the Greek Islands near the Turkish coast at extra check-in/out formalities and costs. 12. SAILING EXPERIENCE The Charterer declares to have the experience and competence necessary to operate the boat with engines and equipment as well as necessary practical seamanship. The skipper of the party must have at least 2 years of power boating experience. If during the handover of the yacht or subsequently it becomes apparent that the Charterer is not experienced enough to handle the chartered yacht, then the Company reserves the right to employ a professional skipper for the remaining duration of the charter. The Charterer agrees to pay € 140,00 per day for the skipper.

13. ARBITRATION If problems which cannot be solved directly by the Charterer and the Company occur in the application of this agreement, both parties accept the arbitration of the Turkish courts.


  • A boat is much more than a way of travelling. It brings you to places where your dreams can come true. In our case, we have spent two marvellous weeks navigating between Turkey and Greece. Moreover, the services provided by Sunshine Cruising were not only Professional, they were friendly. A %100 satisfaction quote is not exagerated. Sincere thanks to Esra and her team.

    Marc – Brenda – Karin – Alain (Rodman 41)
  • Dear Ahmet, Dear Esra, Dear Sunshine Cruising team, We are very new in the boat-charter holiday, but we have never been treated as nice as in Marmaris from Sunshine Cruising team, especially from Ahmet and Esra –a perfect team for a perfect trip. We enjoyed it very very much and we nearly forgot the pricing!! Thank you for everything. We will come again – for sure, best regards from Austria!

    Sabine – Kurt (Bavaria 33)
  • To Esra & Team Yellow bird is a great boat in layout & comfort. Clean, furnished well and a joy to travel in. We had a lovely two weeks cruising the islands off Greece & Turkey. The ease of booking through Esra and the help from the boys made a perfect team. Thank you all for being so thoughtful and helpful. A pleasure meeting you.

    Margeret And Paul “Bayliner 4587″
  • Dear Esra, Dear Ahmet and team; Thank you for the warm welcome and all your kind support till the end. We enjoyed a wonderful time on our 2 week trip through Turkish water and coasts, weather and conditions were marvellous. Our highlight was wild anchoring in Yeşilova Bay – so wonderful place! Hoping to come back…

    Ulker – Lars – Heike – Harold (Bayliner 3388 – 2010)
  • Dear Esra, Dear Ahmet, Dear Fatih; Thank you for all the support and help you gave us and for the friendly and warm way you did it! We enjoyed our trip with “blue moon” and made many interesting and worthful experiences with the boat-life and with the lovely Turkish landscape and people we saw and met.

    Thanks again and good bye.

    Christina – Paul (Bavaria 33 – 2010)
  • To the Sunshine Cruising Team Everything was tripple A! Beginning with the first booking correspondence, the hand out of the Kimberley, the kindness way, just everything was total Professional and very friendly.

    We had a great trip.

    The Reimers Team (Rodman 41 – 2011)
  • To the sunshine Cruising team; Thank you very much. We have enjoyed 2 great week on Kimberley. Your helpful organization has been impeccable and very receptive. We will come again and will look forward to enjoying the hospitality of Turkey – shown so well by Ahmet, Esra and team.

    Richard & Jill (Fairline Squadron 55 & Rodman 41 – 2011/2012)
  • To the Sunshine Cruising team; Enjoyed our trip on Kimberley can’t say enough about your beautiful country Turkey! It was all amazing. You do a wondeful job and made us feel very welcome. Thank you all so much, we are leaving with some wonderful memeries!

    Louise – Gordon – Cathy – Gregory (Rodman 41 – 2011)
  • Hi together, First time I visited this country. At our home we have many neighbours from Turkey but we never visited Turkey. Now I was here and can tell that to our neighbours. This week, we find so many nice places on our way to Bozburun and back. So many nice bays hold us safe over night, swimming, fishing and the beer we could enjoy every day. The ship is in a good and safe condition. Many thanks for the nice days!

    Ina – Eberhard – Alexandra – Ulrich (Rodman 41 – 2011/2012)
  • To Esra and her team. Our trip was wonderful! Colena is a great boat. Very comfortable! Thank you for your help and service! We will definetely come back to Turkey and to you! We all wish you luck, good clients and all the best!

    Alex – Sergey – Olga – Galina – Polina – Nikita (Fairline Squadron 55 – 2012)
  • Dear Esra, Ahmet & Onur, Since 2000, we chartered 3 times a motor yacht with you (2 x Bayliner 3388, 1 x Sealine S34) We are very very satisfied and we had a wonderful week. Your service is excellent and the boats are in such a wonderful condition. Your warm and kind approach towards your guests is “unique” and highly appreciated! We are looking forward to see you soon again! All the best for SSC!

    Family Blach – Austria (Bayliner 3388 – Sealine S34 (2000 – 2007 – 2013)
  • Bu dördüncü gelişimiz Marmaris'e. Herbiri, birbirinden güzel bir tatil oldu. Denizi, havası hiç bizi üzmedi. Kiraladığımız tekneler temiz ve bakımlılardı. Bunun için Sunshine Cruising’e bütün arkadaşlar ismine teşekkür ederim.

    Yücel (Bayliner 3388 – Rodman 41)
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